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    Bridgeside Interactive is dedicated to bringing an inclusive gaming experience to the whole family, and is therefore complying with COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act).

    Camera and Microphone
    Some of our apps use the iPad camera or microphone to enable the players to communicate with the game via gestures and sound.  In such cases the sounds or pictures are:
    * Only used while playing the game.
    * Never recorded, collected, stored, uploaded or accessible by Bridgeside Interactive.

    Analytics & Tracking

    Our Apps do not collect any information that could identify you as an individual. We do not require users to register or sign up with any personal information.

    Bridgeside Interactive collects and stores non personal information (anonymous data) about the use of our apps and website to help us improve our services. Bridgeside Interactive uses third party applications for analytics within our apps, and these applications includes Unity Analytics, Flurry Analytics and Appsflyer.

    In support of our internal operations, Bridgeside uses Device Identifiers, to attribute an installation of our app, or an action taken in our app, to a previously served advertisement. This information is never combined with other personal information that could identify you as an individual.


    Bridgeside interactive uses Google Analytics for our websites, and collects non-personal data. To find out more about Google Analytics privacy policy click here.

    Important: Google Analytics does not collect or store any personal information of our website users.

    The only personal data that Bridgeside AB collects via any of our websites is when a user contacts Bridgeside via direct e-mail. In this case Bridgeside uses the personal information only to directly reply to the specific inquiry and for no other purpose.

    If you have any questions, contact us at:


    Our Privacy Policy was last updated on June 3th, 2016

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